Graphic Designer based in London, whose practice sits within Publication Design, Typography, Image Making & Visual Identity. Currently working in-house at Liberty. Avaliable to take on new work. Full CV & portfolio is available upon request. Get in Touch +

Peer to Peer; Publication Design & Image Making

Peer to Peer does not exist as a singular exercise but as a means to generate conversation around our peer to peer interactions and our current understanding of studio culture. As peers we must ignore the lure of authorship within art and design and acknowledge and embrace the collaborative environment we form. It is important to not fall into the trap of competition and self preservation, that can be bred in a creative atmosphere. It can become a game of who works harder and shouts the loudest, rather than celebrating the players in the network. The acknowledgement of social behaviours and interactions has the ability to promote change. As practitioners and students we should stay aware of our hyper-local community, constantly evaluating the potentially elastic space we are presented with. This publication acts as a vessel to initiate discussion both within peer to peer interactions and within the design community as a whole.