Graphic Designer based in London, whose practice sits within Publication Design, Typography, Image Making & Visual Identity. Currently working in-house at Liberty. Avaliable to take on new work. Full CV & portfolio is available upon request. Get in Touch +

Playshop; Visual Identity & Image Making

Playshop identifies the unclaimed space between work and play within UK education. This was achieved through a student-led day of workshops at Kingston University. These workshops were designed to engage students either mentally or physically for recreation or enjoyment to achieve a result; a work-play hybrid. The experiment used a self generating identity of stickers to create signage and creative content to promote the project. The workshop (playshop) day concluded that there is an opportunity for a work-play hybrid within education to promote a more sustainable and productive learning system. Playshop is not designed to be a singular exercise in the novelty of play but a reconstruction of the creative process, questioning the misconception of what it means to be playing and working. Playshop then hosted a series of talks at the Peckham Pelican for creatives also interested in promoting play in education. With Emily Bryant & Joe Moreno.