Graphic Designer based in London, whose practice sits within Publication Design, Typography, Image Making & Visual Identity. Currently working in-house at Liberty. Avaliable to take on new work. Full CV & portfolio is available upon request. Get in Touch +

Sarah Elizabeth Curran; Visual Identity

“From a young age our mothers, and female relatives, operate as the ultimate didactic figure; from them we learn the codes of dressing and adopt their established styles to formulate our own; we are made in their image.” Designer, Sarah Elizabeth Curran, needed a website that was entirely reflective of her design process. Routed in familial reference and homage, the homepage is split in half. 'The Lookbook', exposes Curran's joy in dressing up as her Mam, a theme that inspires her collection. 'Everything Else', explores her vast research. 'The Lookbook' digitally replicates Curran's memory of picking out clothes from her Mam's wardrobe. The image thumbnails are hung up on a rail, ready to be picked when hovered over. The 'Everything Else' half of the website features Curran's essay on 'Becoming our Mothers'. Here, we have encased the essay in an image of her Gran's house, helping to create a visual world for the reader. The 'Everything Else' section also features a gallery of familial reference images from Curran. This photo album, set on a strip of her Gran's wallpaper is digitally moveable, allowing the viewer to create their own collection's of images. With Katie Richardson