Graphic Designer based in London, whose practice sits within Publication Design, Typography, Image Making & Visual Identity. Currently working in-house at Liberty. Avaliable to take on new work. Full CV & portfolio is available upon request. Get in Touch +

The Taste of Form, Editorial Design, Publication, Typography

The Taste of Form celebrates 100 years of the Bauhaus through an investigation into the dialogue between current students and their understanding of the Bauhaus. It republishes words and phrases highlighted by students in the Kingston School of Art library. The Taste of Form exists as a play by translating the physical attributes of the Bauhaus theatre into typographic devices. The play turns what students value into a performance. The book uses the French fold to allow the images to become bridges between the spreads, much like the drawbridges between the Bauhaus theatre stages. Each page of The Taste of Form becomes a stage for the dialogue to exist. The page manipulates the dimensions of the stage, 36 feet by 36 feet, creating an experimental grid. The type then aligns to the grid, organised by performative verbal breaks.